Talking About Your Achievements

You want to really make sure that you’re talking about the most important skills that you you want to highlight that will give you then will just give you a differentiated view from that you know from the admissions board point of view right you also want to make sure that you are focusing not just on on the achievement that you have had the admissions people can see your resume they can feel their achievements you’ve got to step back and say okay I choose this but so what right well how did this achievement impact my group impact life you know impact X Y Z go beyond the obvious okay and go to the so what that is extremely important as you’re outlining the key things you want to highlight in your leadership essay so going beyond achievements and making sure that you focus on the impact okay.

Then you’ve got to also drill down and delineate how you went about doing what you did right what were the obstacles that you experienced what were the challenges how did you go about doing it what did you do so forcing yourself to bullet out these points will then help you hone in on okay that’s not really that important okay this is critical and to have a tight outline before you start writing okay and you know what ultimate results did you achieve and why does that matter right so how did you get to the end of your essay you also want to make sure that you know you step back and look at everything I ask yourself you know do my values show up right all my passions reflected you know my motivations with the reader really have a good sense of why I did what I did very very important once you’ve got all these elements ironed out going through the outline process now you’re ready to write okay and this is the thing and I said in the beginning it’s tempting to write before you do this versatile parts okay.

I really want to encourage you to make sure that you invest in the self-reflection and then the outlining of of what you’re going to write and then you’re going to find the actual writing process to be significantly easier that you may have originally thought it would be okay and once you get started in writing your essay you want to be able to make sure that you know you’re able to reveal the values though the motivations and more importantly how you’ve gone about doing it and why you’ve done it the way you’ve done it you know and then you know what you learned about yourself and and about the leadership perhaps you know so the writing process as I said it becomes much easier fluid stress-free etc which is all like what you want anyway right and then the last part of the writing process in writing your leadership essay is the revision process.

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