Paraphrasing the General Statement

This is what we’re going to do and you’ll notice that in this structure you we’re mentioning side one side two I told you that we’re going to do this structure we’re going to look at side one here side two in the second paragraph and then we you mention them both oh sorry we choose one for your conclusion and we leave out this one so this is what we do let’s look at it closely we’re now down to we’ve not wasted we’ve used one minute well thinking about what we’re going to write we now have 19 minutes left so how do we write the introduction well we want to write sentence one first this is sentence 1 of the introduction we need to rewrite the general statement.

What does that mean well remember at the in the question prompt that first sentence was a general statement it said artificially intelligent robots are increasingly taking human jobs so what do we do we just rewrite this to mean the exact same thing here’s the sentence taken out of the question prompt here’s my sentence these two say exactly write my essay nz the same thing but in different words that’s all you need to do is just rewrite it to say the same thing using different words so mine says this mine says human employment is continuously decreasing as a result of artificially intelligent robots the question prompt said artificially intelligent robots are increasingly taking human jobs these two things say the exactly the same thing but just in different words.

Your turn I want you to write your sentence I want you to rewrite this sentence in your own words make sure it says exactly the same thing you have one minute starting now all right it’s a great way to start your essay because you’re not really being creative here you’re not thinking of something abstract you’re just looking at that general statement rewriting it paraphrasing it they call so that’s that’s great it relieves a lot of stress and it gets you started in the essay without too much pressure so that’s cool if you haven’t finished don’t worry you can always come back I’m just gonna push through this essay today if you’re on YouTube of course you can press pause and make sure you’ve written your your sentence properly cool.

So we’ve just done the first sentence of our essay fantastic sentence two of the introduction briefly mention side 1 and side 2 now if we remember from the question prompt side 1 the blue team said some people believe that eventually all work will be done by robots now what’s going on here the critical thing is this these people believe that all work will be done by robots beside to others believe that there is a limit to the task that robots can perform cool so what we want to do now is we want to briefly mention site 1 and 2 so what we’re effectively doing what we’re effectively doing is we’re rewriting this in our own words we’re just paraphrasing.

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