Your Book Review Berserker Man Part 2

A covert operation to recruit the youngster is devised under the guise of a non-existent art academy scholarship that would bring him to Earth and deliver him into their hands.

But the ruse is compromised by human sympathizers and its details were given to humanity’s long-time enemy, the Berserker s. These enemies are machines, bent on eliminating life in favor of their own, mechanical-based entities.

As Michel is swept into the hands of the human military for the trip from his home on Alpine to Earth, the Berserker forces massed for an all-out attack on the fleet in an attempt to capture him. Before the ship he was aboard was able to leave the system, the attack begins.

As the battle rages, Michel hears the ‘Thrum, thrum, thrum’ sounds of heavy weapons fire from the whip he was on. He knew there was a battle being fought around him, and his ship was involved.

But the humans had planned ahead for a possible attack and were able to thwart the attempt, allowing the remainder of the fleet to escape back to Earth; exactly as planned. Now their new weapons platform, the ‘Lancelot’, will become a reality.

Lancelot is designed to be worn by a person and it integrates with its wearer so that it can be controlled by thoughts and emotions. This will be their breakthrough weapon against the oppression of the Berserker s. Finally, mankind stands to win a great victory.

But there, in their own backyard, hidden in secret bases throughout Earth’s solar system were Berserker units – ships and warriors, biding their time as they waited for the trials of the Lancelot system to begin. And when young Michel takes Lancelot out on a training run around one of the Uranian moons, the Berserker s attack en masse, surrounding and vastly outnumbering Michel and his shuttle escort.

When contact is lost, Earth defense fears the worst: “Lancelot is lost!”


By reading the cover and the back of the novel, it appeared as though this would be a very good novel, without any prerequisite reading. Being a follower of the cyborg genre, it was exciting to get the opportunity to get a new perspective on that type of plotline.

Unfortunately, the details of the cyborg, David Marcus, was lacking and unrealistic. Frank was described as a train-like being with his human parts encased in metal alloy-connected boxes. Add to that the woman that was intimate with him in the beginning of the novel who didn’t seem to have enjoyed the experience, or at least wasn’t described to have had any emotions at all.


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